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Since 1948, PINE TREE SANG MOO SA has made martial arts items and has exported its goods to more than 30 countries worldwide.

It started as a private company by the former president Mr.Jung in 1948.
In the beginning, it made one uniform for one master who was invited to Taekwondo in other country.

Thanks to a heartfelt advertisement of masters who wear custom tailored Taekwondo uniform.
 made by Sang Moo Sa, it has gained accumulated experience and craftsmanship, which gave
 it legendary reputation today
We reorganized the company last 2000 and modernized and renovated its production and operation system.
We established our own factories for uniforms in Korea and equipments made by china to expand
 to foreign customers and this gave the chance for Pine Tree brand to be a world famous reputation.

Different from most of the small manufacturers, Pine Tree Sang Moo Sa have well organized system from custom tailored production to import & export service with computerized operation.
Individual customers can get Pine Tree Products in 30 countries through more than 100 agents
or distributor.

All members of Pine Tree pomise to do our best for best quality products and service until customers are to be fully satisfied and then to be proud of us.

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